Pet Odor Eliminators!
Walnut Trace Animal Clinic offers various candle that will chase away pet odor from your home and replace it with the scent you select. Ask a staff member for more information on your next visit.
Walnut Trace Animal Clinic
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Raines Road Animal Hospital
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New Pet Examinations
Allow the Walnut Trace staff to assist in the joy of bringing a new companion to your family. A new pet examination is a perfect way to start a healthy and lengthy relationship with your pet for years to come.
With all the harmful diseases out there, put yourself at a peace of mind and have your pet vaccinated. It will beneft you and your pet as well as other pets that may come into contact with your companion.
Spay / Neuter
Please help control the pet population by having your pet spayed or neutered.

Dental Services
A healthy life can start with healthy teeth. Have your companion scheduled for a dental cleaning as suggested by your doctor. Preventative care will help your pets teeth last for many years to come!
In the event your pet needs urgent medical care, our staff of doctors and Lab Technicians are fully trained and ready to begin the healing process. Walnut Trace Animal Clinic will facilitate your pets surgical needs on site.
Walnut Trace Animal Clinic is equiped with state of the art Radiological equipment designed to aide doctors in diagnosis of various medical conditions. With the assistance of this x-ray technology, doctors are able to better pinpoint your pets issues for quicker diagnosis and shorter healing time.
A well kept pet is a happy pet! Walnut Trace Animal Clinic offers the latest in pet styles that will turn the heads of other pets and their owners too! Let your pet be the envy of your neighborhood!
Are you planning a family trip and your pet is unable to travel with you? Walnut Trace offers a "Home away from Home" boarding facility for your pet. Pets can be dropped off and picked up from Monday at 7:30AM through Friday at 5:30PM.
Microchip Implants
Have a piece of mind knowing that your pet has been branded with a microchip. There are thousands of locations across the United States that scan animals for ownership information. A microchip can be your pets quick ticket home once found!
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